In Hardy‘s novels, various impulses were sacrificed to each other inevitably and often. Inevitably,because Hardy did not care in the way that novelists such as Flaubert or James cared, and therefore took paths of least resistance. Thus, one impulse often surrendered to a fresher one and, unfortunately, instead of exacting a compromise, simply disappeared. A desire to throw over reality a light that never was might give way abruptly to the desire on the part of what we might consider a novelist-scientist to record exactly and concretely the structure and texture of a flower. In this instance, the new impulse was at least an energetic one, and thus its indulgence did not result in a relaxed style.But on other occasions Hardy abandoned a perilous, risky, and highly energizing impulse in favor of what was for him the fatally relaxing impulse to classify and schematize abstractly. When a relaxing impulse was indulged, the style—that sure index of an author‘s literary worth—was certain to become verbose.
Which of the following statements best describes the organization of the passage ( "Thus…abstractly" )?
Precipitation is not______in the Atacama Desert west of Andes mountains, and water scarcity is compounded by problems with water appropriation, the existence of agro pastoralists is in jeopardy.
A guy wants to go to a store, a bank, a bookstore, and a shoe shop. It does not matter which one he goes first, but he must go to a bank before he goes to a shoe shop. How many different possible trip arrangements can he make?

The number of stores owned by Star Discount in 2015 was twice the number owned by Star Discount in 2010. By approximately what percent did the average annual earnings per store increase from 2010 to 2015 ?
The dark regions in the starry night sky are not
pockets in the universe that are devoid of stars as
had long been thought. Rather, they are dark because
of interstellar dust that hides the stars behind it.
Although its visual effect is so pronounced, dust is
only a minor constituent of the material, extremely
low in density, that lies between the stars. The average
density of interstellar material in the vicinity of our Sun is
1,000 to 10,000 times less than the best terrestrial
laboratory vacuum. It is only because of the enormous
interstellar distances that so little material per unit of
volume becomes so significant. Optical astronomy
is most directly affected, for although interstellar gas
is perfectly transparent, the dust is not.
According to the passage, which of the following is a direct perceptual consequence of interstellar dust EXCEPT?
Tocqueville, apparently, was wrong. Jacksonian
America was not a fluid, egalitarian society where
individual wealth and poverty were ephemeral
conditions. At least to argues E. Pessen in his
iconoclastic study of the very rich in the United States
between 1825 and 1850.
Pessen does present a quantity of examples, together
with some refreshingly intelligible statistics, to establish
the existence of an inordinately wealthy class. Though
active in commerce or the professions, most of the
wealthy were not self-made, but had inherited family
fortunes. In no sense mercurial, these great fortunes
survived the financial panics that destroyed lesser ones.
Indeed, in several cities the wealthiest one percent
constantly increased its share until by 1850 it owned
half of the community's wealth. Although these
observations are true, Pessen overestimates their
importance by concluding from them that the undoubted
progress toward inequality in the late eighteenth century
continued in the Jacksonian period and that the United
States was a class-ridden, plutocratic society even
before industrialization.
According to the passage, Pessen indicates that all of the following were true of the very wealthy in the United States between 1825 and 1850 EXCEPT:
In the solar system, collisions involving cosmic object are among the most _____ processes shaping surfaces: images of many solar objects show a proliferation of impact craters formed throughout the past 4.5 billion years.
In establishing that the dust she had observed constitutes two percent of the mass in the quadrant, the astronomer showed that the dust’s extreme visual prominence _____ its relatively minor contribution to the total mass of the region.
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The presidents’ cordial greeting may seem to be a small gesture of friendliness, but it is not without _____ in the heretofore stifled atmosphere of the society’s meetings.
but去反,not without取同,为啥不选B,跟friendliness相反,而是选significance(跟small相反呢)
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If car X is driven at a constant speed such that its gasoline mileage is 24 miles per gallon,then the speed of car X,to the nearest mile per hour,could be
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The findings of the study mentioned in the highlighted text, if valid for rain-forest regions in general, suggest that which of the following is an obstacle most likely to be faced by those wishing to promote rain-forest preservation by implementing the proposal mentioned in the highlighted text?
(highlight的就是第一句) C我觉得是对的,虽然D感觉也是对的。题中说哪个最驳斥第一句的proposal。第一句不就是说要使用科技来解决问题,27的研究说的是isolation from the economy的两群人对比做法。为什么不选c呢?
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Quantity A

The number of 3-digit integers all of whose digits are even

Quantity B

The number of 3-digit integers all of whose digits are odd

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The author would be likely to agree with which of the following statements regarding the pressure of grazers on phytoplankton numbers?
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The passage states that African elephants and sperm whales are similar to each other in all of the following respects EXCEPT
请问老师为什么这道题选d 文章里有提到d选项的对应信息呀
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